BBQBOXFOODS Privacy Policy

BBQBOXFOODS regards customer privacy as an important part of our relationship with our customers, buyers, suppliers, staff, users, logistics and conforms to Internet privacy standards. As such the company has implemented a secure IT platform that includes hardware and software for overall protection of personal data and other various critical information.


Collection, Storage and Use of Personal Information

As the nature of the business is online transactions, we may require your personal data such as name, address, phone, credit card details etc, in order to provide sales and delivery. All correspondence or data collected through the website, telephone or in person may be used particularly for our sales, promotions, accounts and customer support.

Your privacy is important to us and we have implemented a secure system in-house to protect your personal information.  


Credit Card Information

Credit card transactions are most common, and we make sure data is highly secured and protected. We use Stripe gateway payments which is renowned for its highest compliance standards. Any direct credit card details that are collected are processed through bank provided Eftpos and we never permanently store complete credit card details. If you feel your personal data including credit card is breached or misconducted, let us know immediately so that we can rectify the issue. Please phone or email us at

Recurring Order Email Subscriptions

Customers who subscribe to our weekly order may receive several promotional emails and notifications. We may use stored emails and account information in order to reach you with new services and products. If at any time a customer wishes not to receive such correspondence, notify us at

Legal Notification

We reserve the right to disclose your personally identifiable information as required by law and enforcement.