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We are a Canberra based food box delivery service, delivering meat, fresh fruit, vegetables and groceries to Canberrans. We strive to provide you with restaurant quality meat from paddock to plate at wholesale prices, meaning, your order will be cheaper than buying at a supermarket and tastier than your average produce. All of our products are locally sourced from across the Canberra and Sydney regions so we know we’re providing you with flavoursome favourites that will have the whole household feeling satisfied. Add your order today for delivery in just 48 hours and taste the difference.
  • The BBQ Box Foods difference​

    • Food delivery service using only the freshest and best quality ingredients
    The BBQ Box Foods difference​
  • The BBQ Box Foods difference​

    • Delivered straight to your door by one of our privately owned refrigerated trucks
    The BBQ Box Foods difference​
  • The BBQ Box Foods difference​

    • Hand packed and delivered by our Canberra team so you can rely on our 100% satisfaction and quality guarantee.
    The BBQ Box Foods difference​

    Packed with love & delivered fast

    Regional Fresh Produce

    All meat is ethically farmed

    Packed With Love

    What you deserve

    Quick Delivery

    Produce stays fresh

    Honest Online Shopping

    Every item is weighed and packaged

    Quality Promise

    Guarantee money back

    Our Partners and Suppliers