All our products are locally sourced and packaged by our suppliers so that you get best money value. We strive to provide great quality delicious BBQ meats and vegetables. We ask that you carefully inspect the meat packages for any broken seal or damage.

Do not open the packages and notify us by taking a photo. We do not refund once the product has been Opened. For a full refund or exchange please return the product in its original packaging and proof of purchase within 7 days

Transaction Currency

All prices are in AUD. Some of the listed items are subject to GST as they are not a primary produce.

Prices are subject to change without notice based on season, availability and stock conditions.

Online Order & Delivery Policy

The following terms and conditions apply:

  • All Canberra metro and surrounding suburbs online orders must be placed by 9 pm 2 days prior to delivery
  • All Outer region (Yass, Goulburn etc) online orders must be placed by 9 pm 3 days prior to delivery
  • Changes to Canberra metro and surrounding one-off orders must be submitted by 2pm 1 business day prior to delivery. No action will be taken if you make a request outside the cut-off time
  • Any BBQ meat orders must be carefully ordered as we cannot offer refunds if the products are opened or consumed  
  • For any subscription orders, contact the office at order@bbqboxfoods.com.au
  • Clear delivery instructions must be provided. If you fail to provide delivery instructions and the driver deems the conditions unsafe to leave unattended, a re-delivery fee may apply 
  • You must receive an email confirmation for your order

If you wish to query a delivery, please contact us at order@bbqboxfoods.com.au.

Refunds & Returns Policy

We take pride in delivering the best quality produce. We source our products locally and from renowned suppliers who meet with our foods & produce guidelines. If you feel standards or quality have not been met, we would love to hear from you. We reserve the right at all times to approve or disapprove the quality request and may not provide reasons for this conclusion. In case of claims, DO NOT open the packages and follow the below steps:

  • Send us the order number
  • A written explanation of the issue
  • Photos of the issue

 Please note, our fresh produce are not organic produce.